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Family Mediation

Family mediation often deals with the interplay of relationships within the smaller unit of the nuclear family, as well as in the larger circle of the extended family. In addition, stepfamilies, blended families, intergenerational families, and two-parent families each face unique and difficult challenges.  At times, a family dispute can appear to be overwhelming and irreconcilable.

Parents and children struggle throughout their lifetimes to maintain open and productive lines of communication. While we all can remember the adolescent struggle of communicating with parents, we sometimes do not pay enough attention to the conflicts that can emerge as children become adults and parents age. Even the rights of grandparents can be a delicate family concern.

Mediation can help families air issues and fashion collaborative, sustainable solutions.

Family mediation is not family therapy. Mediation is a short-term process designed to identify concerns and needs in order to reach agreements that address the problem at hand. It is a problem-solving approach; as such, it depends on opening lines of communication between the involved parties and designing workable strategies for resolving their disputes.

“Thank you for getting us through this rough time in our lives. [We] have had some issues, [since our mediation ended], but we were able to work them out ourselves.”

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, our experienced mediators can help you address family issues such as:

  • Managing responsibility for care of an elder with dementia or other incapacity, including identify residential alternatives for the elder
  • Handling grandparents’ relationships with grandchildren after divorce
  • Negotiating with your adolescent child
  • Managing sibling rivalry within the family business
  • Managing relationships with in-laws
  • Managing usage, responsibility for routine and extended maintenance, and expenditures for a jointly-owned vacation home

Mediation can assist your family in productively addressing these and other challenging issues that can result in permanent family discord. Mediation can help avoid the estrangement that can result from differences that simmer and remain unaddressed. In mediation, family members learn how to address future conflicts as well as avoid the costly and destructive legal battles in which other families become mired.

We are proud of our success in resolving conflict through our mediation services.  Each mediator is skilled in assisting you and your family members to explore all aspects of issues and to reach an agreement that is workable for all parties.

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