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Whether a couple is cohabitating or a group of young post-grads are sharing an apartment, relationships can change quickly and unexpectedly.

When shared living relationships end abruptly, turmoil often begins, especially if there is no prior plan in place.

Mediation can be of great value for cohabitating couples or friends. Mediation provides a safe, confidential space in which to discuss issues of mutual concern with an impartial mediator facilitating the agreements with which everyone can live.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, we can work with you to develop a plan to support a successful cohabitation relationship.

Topics to Discuss Before Cohabitating:

  • How will you structure your responsibilities?
  • How will you manage the finances of living together? Is everything split equally?
  • If you co-sign a lease, what happens if the relationship ends before the lease ends?
  • If only one of you is on the lease, what happens to each of you if the other wants to leave?
  • What if the person signing the lease wants to end the relationship?
  • If you break up, what happens to real and/or personal property you purchased together?
  • Will you have joint bank and/or utility accounts? Joint credit cards?
  • Who will be responsible for the liabilities on these accounts if your relationship ends?
  • Will you share a vehicle? A pet?
  • Is all space shared or is there any “private” space?
  • Can either of you invite friends over any time or will you discuss social visits in advance?

If one party has children, or you have children while living together, there are, of course, many other important issues to consider.

Mediation offers cohabitating couples and/or friends an opportunity to discuss in advance the nature of their living together arrangement, to anticipate concerns, to consider financial obligations, to discuss day-to-day responsibilities for the living space, and to agree ahead of time on individual commitments, both during and at the end of a period of cohabitation.

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