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Poly Families

Polyamorous relationships constitute unions of three or more adults.

The nonlegal issues facing polyamorous relationships are quite similar to those facing any family.  From the formation of the relationship as it exists between individual members and its “public” presentation as a family unit, there are decisions to be made and problems to be resolved.

Whether the issue is to buy a house, to have a child, to invest moneys, or to define roles of individual members, questions need to be answered and appropriate actions determined.

Mediation offers a process for open-minded, confidential problem solving – a proactive approach which attempts to avoid dissention and misunderstandings through preventive planning and creative approaches to resolving existing issues.  Mediation is appropriate at the formation of polyamorous unions, as well as at times of a breakup.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, we can help you address questions involved in the formation of new family arrangements.  From the:

  • Definition of familial relationships and roles
  • Child rearing considerations and responsibilities
  • Ownership of assets and associated responsibilities
  • Tax implications
  • Health and life insurance provisions

As with traditional family units, sometimes polyamorous families may also face the dissolution of their arrangement as it currently exists.  Here, too, CMDR can help address questions such as:

  • Separation considerations for each individual
  • Child Custody and Parenting Plans
  • Division of Assets
  • Future Education of Children
  • Child and Partner Support
  • Protections of Health and Life insurance
  • Tax Considerations


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