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Post-Divorce Mediation

You may only have your one “day in court” for the presentation of your divorce settlement, but your agreement will last your lifetime. Making sure that you consider all aspects of your marital dissolution is critical.

The solution is to find a method that ensures that your needs are met not only now, but also in the future.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, our strength lies in empowering you to develop a comprehensive and understandable agreement that meets your long-term needs and will work equally well now and in the future. CMDR prides itself on ensuring that your agreement has the necessary provisions for continued communication and resolution of future issues or problems including settlement terms.

“I am still happy with the mediation agreement you worked out for [us]. We are still in touch, mostly through our girls, and we have remained friends.”

Yet, even with the most careful planning, it is possible that changed circumstances or events may give rise to new problems or lead to disagreements between former spouses and/or children and parents.

At CMDR, the mediator provides a safe and comfortable environment for dealing with post-divorce issues, which may include:

  • Modification of support payments
  • Modification of parenting schedule and/or living arrangements
  • Consideration of educational costs and financing of postsecondary schooling
  • Relocation
  • Blended family issues

Justification for any modification needs to be based on a material change of circumstances. It is the individual seeking a change (or changes) who faces the task of proving that there has indeed been a material change of circumstances since the granting of the parties’ divorce. At CMDR, our clients typically have clauses in their agreements requiring mediation as the first line of recourse in the event of either party’s failure to uphold the Agreement or to request a change in the document. Moreover, CMDR clients also use mediation as a vehicle for resolving differences between them due to occurrences that may have little or no relationship to a party’s default or to a material change of circumstances. The ex-spouses may simply disagree or an issue may have arisen which they prefer to discuss in a neutral environment, an environment in which they feel safe. Mediation provides an atmosphere conducive to the settlement of post-divorce conflicts and issues, an atmosphere that does not throw ex-spouses into antagonistic postures where the reliving of their divorce reemerges.

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