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“I recommend CMDR to anyone who wants to close a long-term marriage with dignity and fairness.”

Wife, 20-year marriage

“What I thought about during mediation was how the kids can and would be affected. Coming from a divorced family myself, I understood what was going through the kids’ minds, and I knew what I didn’t want for my children. It’s all about give and take with a resolution at the end of the process. Thanks again to everyone at CMDR for your kindness and professionalism during this difficult process.”

Father of two, 19-year marriage

“I entered mediation without any understanding of our finances. It’s amazing what I’ve learned and how adept I’ve become at managing my own money.”

Wife, 25-year marriage

“People had warned me against mediation. They spoke of the extent of the estate, that my husband was financially adept and an expert negotiator. Yet, I ended up with an agreement that far surpassed even my fancy lawyer’s predictions. In the end, my husband truly cared about my well-being and that of the children. The mediator’s expertise in [the] financial areas made me feel protected and made my husband reassured that we would not be misled. I would recommend CMDR to anyone.”

Mother of three, 26-year marriage

“Mediation was a place where we were equal and respected. My voice mattered. His voice mattered. And our concerns were heard.”

Retired couple

“Going through mediation and divorce was one of the most difficult and emotional times of my life. I am thankful that my husband and I were adult enough to face one another and come to a mutual agreement. Through the process we each had to give and take which will enable us to continue to be able to come up with future negotiations later. As parents we will have to be in contact with one another for many years – they should be happy and good.”

Mother of one, 14-year marriage

“Restraining orders, court hearings, and the like were draining our pocketbooks and our energy. You are a miracle worker. We have an agreement that is fair to both of us and, best of all, we are friends again. Who would have thought?”

Couple, 16-year marriage

“I am continuing on my journey in rebuilding my life. I am writing for two reasons. My first reason is to thank you very much for providing such considerate and helpful input of our mediation agreement. I really feel that CMDR guided me in making good decisions. I feel financially secure, and that I can provide … well for the girls. I would recommend your company to anyone who asks.”

Mother of two, 15-year marriage

“We went to court yesterday for our divorce. The judge said that our agreement was one of the most comprehensive he has ever seen.”

12-year marriage, three children

“Thank you for listening so well, for analyzing so fast, and for coming up with an imaginative solution that we agreed afterward, we would not have thought of. What you do, so brilliantly, and deftly, calls on and rewards what’s best in people.”

Mother of three, 22-year marriage

“Thank you for helping us get where we are, it’s a great place and my one wish (other than that this never became necessary) is that we could somehow communicate to others how we have been able to avoid the kind of problems divorced families seem to be plagued with… I am not saying we’ll always be in this place, but this is the place we’ll always want to be in.”

Couple, 20-year marriage

“I am grateful to mediation for giving me a new beginning. I have a new, old house, which looks different from anything I ever had before. I have new friends, a new life, and I’m a new me. I did not want this divorce but the end result has a bright horizon.”

Mother of two, 27-year marriage

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