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Panel of Mediators

Being a mediator is a challenging role requiring a unique skill set and knowledge base. Mediators do not “represent” either party or both parties. They do not operate in a win/lose format. Instead, mediators are facilitators, invested in finding a solution that benefits all those at the mediation “table.” Our mediators have advanced graduate degrees, but in the mediation process, they operate only as neutral parties. A skilled mediator is adept at identifying each person’s interests and concerns, and at helping each client to articulate workable options for his/her situation.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, our mediators help participants to put aside their anger and emotions in order to focus on solving the problems at hand. If and when anger and hurt escalate, it is a mediator’s job to distill tensions and find common ground. It is these trained mediators who enable people in conflict to resolve their differences equitably and to foster future relationships. This is our central objective. Consequently, participants conclude mediation with the knowledge and self-confidence to take control of their own circumstances, be it a family or a business.

Our mediators have had many years of experience helping people reach agreement and fashion creative solutions in every facet of the mediation process. Education, facilitation, and creative problem-solving are all part of the mediation process, a process in which participants settle disputes and acquire the skills needed to resolve future conflicts.

CMDR’s policy is to provide you with a mediator who is best trained and experienced to deal with your particular case. Each individual mediator offers a complimentary telephone consultation in which the mediator’s background and fees will be fully discussed.

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