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Marital Mediation

All marriages undergo difficult times. But tension and disagreement, even unhappiness, do not necessarily need to end in divorce. In situations where the parties feel dissatisfied with the marriage but want to avoid a divorce, there may be a different route to helping the relationship work.

Mediation, in and of itself, is a process for achieving a peaceful settlement between disputing parties. Marital mediation is a process designed specifically to help couples make decisions and reach agreements that are workable for all parties for the benefit of the marriage. Marital mediation can help couples communicate more openly and directly, thus laying the groundwork for resolving future disputes in a cooperative manner.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, we can assist you in thinking carefully about all of your options. Marital mediation may address the following issues:

  • Career expectations and plans
  • Educational provisions
  • Individual and/or joint incomes and expenses
  • Separate and/or jointly-owned property, inheritances, wills
  • Support
  • Individual and/or joint debts and financial obligations
  • Taxes
  • Procedures for dissolution of relationship in the event of divorce and/or death (including postnuptial agreements)
  • Living arrangements
  • Division of labor and household tasks
  • Relationships with family, friends, and others
  • Relationships with children and childrearing practices
  • Religious practices and responsibilities
  • Health and medical care
  • Contract changes and amendments
  • Resolving disagreements

“Thanks for all the work we did together. I’ve told several people…that I wish you were a marriage counselor and I wish we had met you years ago in that context.”

“I believe that [we] are in a far better place than when we started and you deserve a lot of credit for that.”

Marital mediation is not marital therapy. It is a problem solving process designed to identify issues and reach agreements. As such, it is a relatively short-term process in which couples experience the benefit of their work together almost from the onset. And with it comes the additional benefit of improving the couple’s communication skills at the same time that you structure a workable agreement.

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