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Contractual – Post-Nuptial

Validated by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts in August 2010,  “postnuptial” or “marital” agreements offer married couples, who wish to decide terms governing a future divorce and/or death, the opportunity to execute a contractual agreement. Obviously there are criteria to be followed in the crafting of agreements. The court has delineated standards required for future enforcement of marital agreements.

Using the standards established by the court, married couples who have not executed a prenuptial agreement, or who wish to change its terms, can now decide to specify, in detail, how their future would look in the event of divorce and/or death.  Consider a few areas “ripe” for inclusion:

  • Division of presently-held property
  • Division of property received subsequent to the execution of the Agreement
  • Division of inheritances
  • Handling of present and future liabilities
  • Alimony provisions and criteria used to determine amount and payment schedules
  • Life insurance and/or estate provisions

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, we offer an environment in which couples can approach sensitive or controversial issues and work together in a cooperative determination of areas to be considered while focusing on the preservation of their marital relationship.

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