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“Mediation helped turn a heart-breaking experience into a constructive one. The mediator’s warmth, compassion, and wisdom will always be appreciated.”

Two Siblings and Elder Parent

“You’re worth every penny! We are most grateful to you for creating an arena within which we could learn to talk with each other about touchy issues. We are continuing to parent our son and work out our parenting plans, with the style and knowledge you taught us.”

Separated, Unmarried Couple with Ten Year-Old

“Thank you for getting us through this rough time in our lives. [We] have had some issues, [since our mediation ended], but we were able to work them out ourselves.”

Marital Mediation, Twelve-Year Marriage

“I believe that [we] are in a far better place than when we started and you deserve a lot of credit for that.”

Post-Nuptial Mediation

“We had a very complicated tangle of problems and a desire to be sure we all were provided for fairly – ready to start new lives. The mediator was patient, reassuring, creative, and always sensitive to our elicited needs and wants.”

Marital Mediation of Couple Approaching Retirement With Different Goals

“We are both very proud of…our roles in coming to an agreement that feels fair and meets both our needs. Our goal was to be able to be parents and grandparents together and we just had our first grandchild and have been able to enjoy wonderful family times together.”

Post-divorce mediation for couple with Three Adult Children

“Thanks for all the work we did together. I’ve told several people…that I wish you were a marriage counselor and I wish we had met you years ago in that context.”

Couple in marital Mediation, Thirty-Year Marriage

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