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“We are most grateful to CMDR for creating an arena within which we could learn to talk with each other about touchy issues. Rancor dissipated into practicality.”

“Thank you again for your diligence in helping us to work through all of the potential issues in a comprehensive and non-confrontational way. The substance of our agreement was rock-solid.”

Mediation services that lead to solutions.

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Learn new methods of communication as you begin to define problems, identify options, and design solutions. Whether you are pursuing a trial separation or a separation in anticipation of divorce, at CMDR we create an atmosphere that defuses tension and focuses on problem-solving.

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an alternative method to legal negotiation and traditional litigation for couples seeking to dissolve their marriages or to settle disputes arising after divorce. The process is designed to eliminate the competition and hostility that too often occur when each spouse views the other as an adversary. In mediation, it is the couple – not a lawyer, not a judge, and not a mediator – who retains control over the decision-making that will affect the present and future lives of the individual family members.

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Business Mediation

Whether you wish to remain partners or you need to terminate the business relationship, small business disputes need to be resolved in a comprehensive and workable manner that allows all parties to be heard. Family businesses are unique and complex entities. To be effective, any method of resolving differences must provide an opportunity to understand the needs and concerns of all parties and facilitate the generation of options for solving problems.

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Family Mediation

Family mediation often deals with the interplay of relationships within the smaller unit of the nuclear family, as well as in the larger circle of the extended family. In addition, stepfamilies, blended families, intergenerational families, and two-parent families each face unique and difficult challenges. Family mediation is not therapy, but rather a short-term process designed to identify concerns and needs in order to reach agreements that address the problems at hand.

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“Gray” Divorce: A Checklist of Considerations

“Why in the world would they divorce now? Aren’t they in their seventies?  What’s the point?” Once upon a time, people who grew old (or older) together, even if unhappy in their marriage, did not consider divorce an option. Today’s world is a much different place. People who once thought of themselves as old at […]

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New Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines effective October 14, 2021:

  • Higher maximum joint income level
  • Increased child support for families with more than one child
  • Proportionate sharing of childcare costs in proportion to parent's share of income
  • Deduction of health insurance from payor's gross income continue
  • Lower minimum child support orders for low-income payors

Our Director, Lynne Halem, has participated in the following: MassBar Educates, "Benefits and Challenges of Remote Dispute Resolution in various areas of law" (Panel Member, April 2021); Jane Does Well (Guest Speaker, December 2020); GP Solo and Family (American Bar Association) (Author, Winter 2020 Edition); and WBZ Interview on Divorce and Co-Parenting during Coronavirus (Interview, April 2020)

Massachusetts Legislature passed a measure to allow notaries public to use videoconferencing to perform notarial acts during the Covid-19 shutdown instead of in-person notarizations (e.g., Court Financial Forms require notarization for filings). This measure is waiting to be signed by Governor Baker.

The Massachusetts government website has a listing of resources for online support groups and recovery meetings, hotlines and helplines, as well as general information related to Covid-19.

Announcement For divorcing parents with children under the age of 18:

Click here for more information Due to COVID-19, Massachusetts Probate and Family Court is suspending requirement for Parent Education courses, effective September 1, 2021. All Parents filing for divorce as of July 12, 2021 shall not be required to submit Parenting Education Certificates.

About Our Company

Since 1982, the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution has been a leader in the mediation field. Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts our clients come from Norfolk, Middlesex, Suffolk, Plymouth, Worcester, Essex and Bristol counties. We are proud of our success in resolving conflict through our mediation services. Each mediator is trained and experienced in helping you to consider all aspects pertaining to your dispute and to reach an agreement that is workable for all parties.

Our strength lies in empowering our clients, through education and involvement, an empowerment grounded in a concrete understanding of the issues to be resolved and the choices to be considered. Our agreements are widely praised by clients and professionals for their clarity and attention to detail, for creating a thorough and thoughtful roadmap to guide you now and in the future. We believe that mediation is often the best means of resolving disputes — from those found in the inner circle of the family to those in the world of business.

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