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Our goal is to help people preserve, even enhance, relationships. This objective is obviously important in divorces involving children. For the lifetime that follows the dissolution of a marriage, parents need to be available to each other, as well as to their children.

Divorce is only one example of the need to preserve relationships. The same objective is apparent in disputes involving businesses, families, and the myriad other ways in which people form and build ties with each other.

As a business, we are proud of our track record in helping individuals to reach agreements that all involved participants believe are equitable and workable.

At the conclusion of mediation, there is a general sense of satisfaction; each party can be proud of having actively participated in the shaping of a viable solution to the issues and conflicts that brought them to mediation. In the process, they have learned tools for mediation, which they will use again and again to tackle issues and dilemmas that arise in their personal and business lives. In effect, clients “buy” not only the end product, but also the tools to mediate by themselves.

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