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There is nothing unique about parent/child disagreements; all families engage in conflict. Some, however, are more adept than others at resolving disputes and moving forward in a loving and forgiving manner.

Parent/child mediation offers a forum for parents and children to approach their differences from a problem-solving perspective. Mediation is not therapy and is not intended to be therapy. Rather, it serves as a process for:

  • Identification of issues from the perspective of each participant
  • Creation of strategies for resolving issues
  • Breakdown of larger strategies into tasks and responsibilities to which each participant commits
  • Timeframe for testing the effectiveness of strategic approaches

The endpoint may be a written contract entered into by the participants governing future behavior and interactions.

Other times, mediation involves commitment to enter into therapy in order for family members to better understand the reasons behind particular interaction patterns and to effect long-term change.

“Mediation helped turn a heart-breaking experience into a constructive one. The mediator’s warmth, compassion, and wisdom will always be appreciated.”

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, mediation offers a short-term, often effective, approach to resolving parent/child conflicts. It provides a nonjudgmental forum for parents and children to engage in discussions facilitated by an experienced mediator. The end goal is to reach an agreement that will work for all family members.

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