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“We are most grateful to you for creating an arena within which we could learn to talk with each other about touchy issues. Rancor dissipated into practicality.”

Mother & Four Adult Children

“We appreciate that we were able to go through this process and still keep our positive relationships in tact.”

Three Adult Siblings

“I’m happy to report that my heart and soul feel much lighter and my mind is clearer with respect to family matters. I hope my cousins experience some of the same benefit from this process.”

Three Cousins Dealing with Division of Inheritance

“Mediation…helped us craft an agreement that was fair, impartial, and would stand the test of time.”

Family, Preplanning Will Provisions

“Mediation helped turn a heart-breaking experience into a constructive one. The mediator’s warmth, compassion, and wisdom will always be appreciated.”

Two Siblings and Elder Parent

“The mediator was patient, reassuring, creative, and always sensitive to our elicited needs and wants.”

Three Siblings /Division of Estate

“Thank you for getting us through this rough time in our lives. Now we are able to work out our problems by ourselves.”

Family Working out Terms for Sharing Inherited Real Estate

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