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We can assist you in learning new methods of communication as you begin to define problems, identify your options, and design solutions. Whether you are pursuing a trial separation or a separation in anticipation of divorce, at the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, we create an atmosphere that defuses tensions and focuses on problem solving. The following listing represents only a sample of issues and questions that should be addressed by couples who are planning to live separately:

  • Living arrangements and furnishing of new apartment
  • Budgetary expenses and liability for payment
  • Temporary support and/or monetary exchanges
  • Parenting schedule
  • Use of credit cards and charge accounts with or without limitations
  • Continuation or modification in saving practices (e.g., retirement contributions, payroll deductions for stock purchases)
  • Use of individual and/or joint accounts
  • Timeframe for agreement
  • Social relationships (e.g., dating)

“This part of anyone’s life isn’t easy, but it is so much easier with someone that helps you through.”

“We had a very complicated tangle of problems and a desire to be sure we all were provided for fairly – ready to start new lives. The mediator was patient, reassuring, creative, and always sensitive to our elicited needs and wants.”

The simplicity or complexity of a separation agreement depends on the couple’s needs and comfort with living apart. Some couples are able to structure a financial arrangement but need assistance in deciding on a temporary parenting plan. Regardless of the issues actually discussed, it is the mediator’s responsibility to raise questions and to help the couple identify how the mediation process can best help them to move forward.

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