Family Mediation

Someone has got to be able to get this family together and talk.

Resolving conflict is a daily part of family life. Children squabble, teenagers grumble, parents disagree about behavior and consequences. The image of a family is not a picture postcard. Stepfamilies, blended families, intergenerational families, and two parent families each face unique and difficult challenges. At times, the situation appears to be overwhelming and irreconcilable.

At CMDR, mediation can help a family develop ways to confront and resolve the problems and issues that interfere with family harmony.

“My husband’s son visits every other weekend. Can we make some house ground rules in order to be fair to my children who are here all the time?”

“Since I divorced their mother, my children won’t make time for me. I think my ex-wife has poisoned them against me”

“I would like my daughter to be more respectful to my mother; after all, we are living in her house now that I am divorced.”

“My teenage children are fighting constantly. I can’t stand the way they speak to each other. No one is willing to help me around the house. My husband is angry because I can’t control them anymore.”

Issues that create stress and friction at home are more easily discussed in the comfortable and private atmosphere of the CMDR offices.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution a trained, neutral mediator can bring a family together to discuss difficult topics and help create a fair and reasonable resolution.

Free in-person or telephone consultations available Literature and fees are available upon request.
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