Family - Dual Career Families

Our life is one giant balencing act.

Dual career families experience problems unknown to households where one partner assumes the responsibility of managing the household by limiting not only his or her working hours, but also commitment to personal career development. Particularly in families with children, managing the household when two people are actively pursuing careers can be a difficult and conflict-ridden task.

At CMDR, mediation provides a process for negotiating marital roles and balancing familial demands.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, a trained neutral mediator can help identify personal, family, and career goals and plan a pathway that can integrate each party's needs with shared objectives for the entire family's well being and development.

The present and the future become part of an integrated plan, embracing each one's ambitions and dreams within the context of the family's welfare as a whole.

Through mediation, dual career families may consider:

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