Relationship - Cohabitation

Whats the point of an agreement? After all, we're just living together.

You're roommates or even lovers. You've moved in together to be with each other, not to enter into a business relationship. Yet, living together may be more stressful than you anticipated. One wants to decorate the living room; the other wants to recycle furniture from his mother's basement. One wants to divide the rent; the other wants to share expenses in keeping with how much each one earns.

Some disagreements will be handled easily. Other problems may not go away; they may be pushed aside for a month or more, but they resurface again and again, slowly picking away at your high expectations.

At CMDR, we can help you deal with these problems by identifying the issues and considering workable alternatives.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, a Cohabitation Agreement may address:

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