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Who We Really Are - Why CMDR is Unique

May 1, 2009

Written by Randie Weisberg

The Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution (CMDR) is exclusively a mediation firm.  For over a quarter of a century, we have focused our business and clientele on resolving disputes through mediation.

Our focus and approach enable people with a conflict to openly discuss, through directed means, creative solutions for resolving disputes, including, but not limited to, separation, divorce, post-divorce agreements, prenuptial agreements, child custody and parenting issues, trust and estate disputes, business conflicts, and family business planning.

We do not litigate or accompany clients to court.  Our mediation practice has operated in the dispute resolution environment for over a quarter of a century.  Now, more than ever, people, couples, employees should be able to feel safe and secure coming to an office that only specializes in mediating conflicts.  We do not push any of the parties involved to make quick decisions.  We do not operate in a win/lose format.  Our mediators have doctorates or law degrees but operate as neutral parties only in the mediation process.  It is these trained mediators who help people in conflict to resolve their differences equitably and enable them to maintain future relationships.   This is our central objective.

What separates CMDR from others in this field is that mediation is not just a part of our office - it is the only thing we do and specialize in.

Agreements are more likely to be maintained when mutually decided by the involved parties.

Mediation is not therapy, is not about blame and, most of all, it is not about winning and losing.  Mediation is really the “win-win” of dispute resolution.  CMDR helps people find solutions specific to their particular needs; and when people craft their own solutions, they are far more committed to maintaining their agreement.  This translates into less future conflict, including freedom from returning to court or even to mediation.  The emotional and financial savings are significant.

There are challenges in working together in mediation.  But a skilled mediator has the knowledge and ability to facilitate and guide the process.  The entire mediation experience empowers individuals, for it is the parties involved that determine the outcome (not a judge, lawyer or arbiter).  The parties determine the timetable, issues, and end result.  Consequently, they conclude mediation with the knowledge and self-confidence to take control of their own circumstances, be it a family or a business.

With CMDR’s approach, the final agreement, called the Memorandum of Understanding, self-adjusts as situations change.  Because we know that change is inevitable, our mediators focus on present and future issues.  Agreements that include provisions for modification not only help to resolve future issues before they become problematic, but further empower individuals to take charge of the change process.

Most conflicts can be resolved through mediation.  The process is a limited event; it should not define one’s life.  Mediating a conflict can bring closure to a situation without aggressive tactics.  People leave our office proud of the fact that they took control of their differences and faced the difficult issues head on, fashioning an agreement that is fair and equitable to all the parties involved.



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