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September 1, 2017
Written by Lynne C. Halem

Since 2002, we have been writing monthly articles and quarterly newsletters on the benefits of mediation. We have given numerous interviews on radio and television, all of which focus on substantive areas affecting separating and divorcing couples and the effectiveness of mediation as a means to reach agreement.

Yet despite the dissemination of much information and countless discussions on mediation, many individuals still believe that mediation may work for others, but not for them. Ironically, the vast majority of people entering mediation at the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution (CMDR), leave with an agreement (95+%). Perhaps it is time for those who are unsure of the “right” divorce route to take a step back and listen to their predecessors, those who have mediated their divorce and wish to tell of their successes.

In our clients’ own words; please consider their experience at the Centre of Mediation & Dispute Resolution in Wellesley, Massachusetts:

These past two years have been hard on the Massachusetts economy. All financial structures in the United States have been devalued. In Massachusetts, well-known business, industrial and financial institutions, once pillar stones of Boston, are now gone; real estate has been devalued and jobs lost.

Divorcing couples have fewer assets to divide and more uncertainty about their future. Mediation is a creative problem solving approach. The process is time and cost efficient.

The Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution has a capable staff of mediators that have committed themselves to mediating separation, divorce and divorce-related issues. We are solely a mediation practice; this means 100% of our business comes from mediation.

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