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Massachusetts Child Support

Effective February 15, 2002

On February 15, 2002, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts put into effect a revised version of the Child Support Guidelines. The net result of the revision is lower support orders. 

At first glance, the changes seem to produce the reverse effect:

The guideline ceiling was raised from $75,000 to $100,000.
  Guidelines apply to families with combined gross incomes of $135,000, an increase from the previous $100,000.
  Exclusion for the custodial parent has increased from $15,000 to $20,000.

Lower awards can be attributed to two major changes:

First , there is no longer a 10% age increase when the older child is 7 years and another of 5% at 13. Now there is only one increase at age 13 in the amount of 10%.

Secondly, the formula is no longer based on pure percentages. The revision combines a dollar amount, applicable in every income range, and a percentage. The combined effect is an across-the-board reduction in applicable percentages. Consider these comparisons:

Prior to 2/15/02
  (1) One child was 27%
  (2) Two children were 30%
  (3) Three children were 33%
As of 2/15/02
(1) Range for those earning $750/week or more is 22.3% to 23.9%  
(2) Range is 26.5% to 28.7%  
(3) Range is 29.6% to 31.7%  

The new guidelines will not affect families who have existing court orders based on prior guidelines.

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Child Support Guidelines
Effective February 15, 2002

Available on the Web: www.state.ma.us/courts/formsandguidelines/csg2002.html

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