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Divorce Trends: The Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution Looks Back at 2014's Divorcing Clients 


January 1, 2015

Written by Lynne C. Halem

For over thirty-three years, CMDR has helped couples to reach agreement while preserving the historical connections that enable them to build future relationships. 

Each year we look back at our client population, seeking to discern changes, patterns, and even trends. In considering our separating, divorcing, and post-divorce clients at the end of year 2014, we have observed the following trends.

Evolving cultural norms and patterns seen in the separating and divorcing population are merely a microcosm of the population as a whole.  Living arrangements that were once unacceptable, even unimaginable, have now become part of the new “normal.”  Societal changes foster changes in the law, providing a new, more expansive view of the options and opportunities facing families, indeed of the very definition of family.

Mediation presents an open, neutral environment in which couples can explore how they wish to structure their future.

The problem-solving nature of the process enables couples to resolve their differences, learn to engage in productive deliberations, and ultimately, create new relationships. With these life-long tools, participants are better equipped to deal constructively with life’s inevitable changes. 

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