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Choosing Divorce Mediation:
Is Mediation Right for You?


December 1, 2012
Written by Staff at The Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Am I a good mediation client? Am I right for mediation?

However you word the query, the question remains essentially the same.  Is there a definitive profile describing individuals who would be good mediation candidates? Are they simply couples who have no real issues to negotiate, having reached agreements in all substantive areas? Or is it those individuals who are still friends, having just drifted apart over time?  Or maybe it is the couples who have no assets?  No money?  No children? 

None of the above answers the question.  Mediation clients, like the rest of the divorcing population, cannot be stereotyped.  Some are wealthy and have many assets; after all having a high net worth often makes negotiations easier, not harder.  Some have children and some do not.  Some have good working relationships and others can barely sit in the same room together; indeed some cannot sit in the same room, requiring the mediator to see each one separately.

The following classifications represent our attempt to group CMDR’s 31years of divorcing clients into generic categories:

So march the clients of CMDR, an impressive group, whatever their characteristics.  At a time when they are the most hurt and frightened, angry or weepy, they resolve to work at crafting a product that will be good for the family unit.  This, in and of itself, is an amazing accomplishment.  To sum up, the answer to the question, am I a good mediation client, is usually, yes.  Yet, too often divorcing individuals self brand themselves as inappropriate mediation candidates without any consideration of the accuracy of their assessment. Others haven’t the vaguest idea of how mediation works and dismiss it out of hand without any knowledge of its potential value. 

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