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February 1, 2005
Written by CMDR Staff

Sometimes just making that first phone call to the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution (CMDR) can be the highest hurdle our prospective clients have to face. What do you say, how much do you reveal about your particular situation, how can you take notes when you are so nervous just talking about the prospect of divorce, how can you keep yourself from breaking down during the phone call? As the office manager, let me just say, please don’t be concerned—we are here to inform you, to help you, but never to judge you or push you

The first phone call is an exchange of information. First we take your name, address and phone number. We ask for this information so that we can send you information, and follow-up with you in the future. At the Centre for Mediation, we pride ourselves on follow through with each and every client. The only times our telephones are ever on answering service are evenings and weekends. However, you should know that we do check our messages over the weekend and if a client is ever in crisis, they are called back regardless of whether or not it is during business hours. Sometimes people are on a fact-finding mission, while others may not have told their spouse they are contemplating divorce. Confidentiality is paramount and we will not pry. If you don’t want to give your name yet, that’s okay; you can learn more about CMDR on our website, www.cmdronline.com. The next thing you will be asked is how you heard about CMDR. We have quite a few referral sources, not the least of which is former clients. We also get referrals from therapists, marriage counselors, accountants, attorneys and divorce-related websites.

Hopefully by this time you are feeling a little more relaxed and ready to provide some details about your marriage. Again, we are not trying to pry, but rather to understand the specifics of your case so that we can refer you to the mediator best suited to your particular needs. We ask how long you have been married, do you have children and what are their ages. Do you own a home and/or property together? Are you currently living with your spouse or are you separated?

Once these questions are answered, we will discuss how you would like to proceed. Often, a caller will want to speak with our director, Dr. Lynne Halem directly and if she is available, we will put her on the phone. If she is mediating, we will find a time that is good for her to get in touch with you. Sometimes, we will send out information for the caller to share with his or her spouse. Then, there are those who have learned enough and feel comfortable enough to schedule an appointment. Whatever the case, our goal is to inform you about the benefits of mediation at CMDR and to make certain all of your questions have been answered.

So, as office manager, I speak for my staff and myself when I say, please do not hesitate to call us. Just remember, knowledge is power and mediation at CMDR is empowering.

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