Divorce - Post Divorce

I can't wait to have my 'day in court' when this divorce will be over.

While you may only have your "day in court" for the divorce settlement, your agreement will last your lifetime. Making sure that you don't forget anything and that you consider all aspects of your marital dissolution is critical.

The solution is to find a method not only to ensure that your needs are met now, but also in the future.

At CMDR, mediation does just that.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, our strength lies in empowering you to develop a comprehensive and understandable agreement that meets your long term needs —an agreement that works now and in the future. The Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution prides itself on ensuring that your agreement has the necessary provisions for continued communication and resolution of future issues or problems including settlement terms.

Yet, even with the most careful planning, it is possible that changed circumstances or events may give rise to new problems or lead to disagreements between former spouses and/or children and parents.

At CMDR, the mediator provides a safe and comfortable environment for dealing with post-divorce issues, which may include:

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