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The business didn't go bad. Our partnership did.

Whether you've pledged to be "partners till the end" or you need to end the partnership, resolving small business disputes needs to be done in a comprehensive and workable manner which allows all parties to be heard.

The solution is to find a method of resolving differences that provides an opportunity to understand each other's needs and to generate multiple options for solving the problem.

At CMDR, mediation does just that.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, we can assist your business in negotiating ways to manage or resolve your conflict with strategies that each of the parties helps to design. Whether the dispute involves the dissolution of your business relationship or differences within an ongoing relationship, CMDR provides businesses with the objective guidance to resolve conflicts.

In small businesses, where the connection between the "people issues" is heightened, CMDR can help participants resolve business issues ranging from money conflicts to leadership succession. By working together through a trained neutral mediator, your entire business is enhanced.

Free in-person or telephone consultations available Literature and fees are available upon request.
To schedule an appointment, please call 781-239-1600 or e-mail us at cmdr@cmdronline.com