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Licence our source code? I told my partner it's not worth the risk.

Technology and intellectual property disputes can absorb time, money and mental energy better spent on the complexities of designing your product and expanding your business. You want to protect your technology and intellectual property rights, but you'd like to do it without a legal battle.

At CMDR, mediation does just that.

Intellectual property issues are highly susceptible to exploration and resolution through the mediation process. In addition, the parties involved often find themselves in a continuing business relationship that must be maintained even as the dispute must be settled. Mediation is ideally suited to accomplishing this.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, a trained neutral mediator, with expertise in the area of technology and intellectual property, will help you and the other disputants identify the rights and risks and business goals at issue. We will help you design a solution that is sensitive to the special concerns involved in this type of dispute. Whether the dispute involves rights in the source code to your software product or misuse of your confidential information, mediation at CMDR can help you move beyond conflict and get back to business.

Free in-person or telephone consultations available Literature and fees are available upon request.
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