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My brother and I are barely speaking anymore.

Family businesses are unique and complex entities. At their best, they embrace the intimacy and warmth of the family unit, a business grounded in caring and concern. At their worst, they are beset by jealousies and tensions that threaten to destroy personal and financial ties.

When family relationships break down and the family business is no longer able to function smoothly, the losses are magnified. The struggle to balance personal and commercial needs presents a challenging, even daunting task.

The solution is to find a method of addressing personal needs and concerns without losing focus on the business's objectives.

At CMDR, mediation does just that.

At the Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution, a trained mediator offers a safe and neutral environment in which family members are encouraged to explore their differences and work toward a collaborative solution -- whether the objective is to grow the business or dissolve it.

Mediation may deal with:

Free in-person or telephone consultations available Literature and fees are available upon request.
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