Relationship - Non-Traditional Relationships

Our marriage, and now divorce is recognized by the state, and the Federal Government. What does this mean for us?

The issues facing non traditional marriages are no different than those facing traditional families. From the formation of a relationship to its dissolution, there are decisions to be made and problems to be resolved. Whether the issue is to buy a house, to have a baby, to invest moneys, or to change careers, couples need to answer questions and determine appropriate actions.

Problems can and should be anticipated. Contracts may need to be negotiated in order to avoid the possibility of future conflict. Mediation offers a process for open-minded problem solving—a proactive approach which attempts to avoid dissention and misunderstandings through preventative planning.

At the Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution, we can help you discuss your problems and differences while maintaining your privacy.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, we can help you address such issues as separation considerations, child custody, parenting plans, division of property, child and partner support, insurance considerations, and tax implications. Special provisions for the communication and resolution of future issues or problems with settlement terms are also addressed.

However, sometimes separation may not prove to be the solution of choice. For couples in which staying together is desirable, mediation offers the forum for structuring new terms for dealing with the issues which are upsetting your relationship. Mediation does not provide a substitute for therapy. It is often used as a complementary process which is chosen to resolve specific issues.

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