CMDR works to ensure that clients have the necessary information and knowledge base to mediate successfully.

At the Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution (CMDR), we are committed to educating our clients in the unknown and confusing world of divorce. We firmly believe that clients are able to make better decisions if their decision-making is based on knowledge of their options and, just as importantly, the present and even future impact of each option.

We at CMDR believe that it is not okay just to say, “yes” to end the pain or to put an end to the negotiations.

Your Agreement is one of the most important documents of your life. You need to approach its creation with thoughtfulness and thoroughness. To this end, we have prepared these informational podcasts on the subjects of post-secondary education and the division of property in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We are sure you will find them informative.

Planning Post-Secondary Education

Division of Property in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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