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That's right, we only mediate!


May 1, 2006
Written by Staff at The Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution

That’s right, we only mediate!

It seems like everyone wants to be a divorce mediator these days—and why not? Afterall, it is a noble profession, and, of course, no one tells mediator jokes. One only needs to peruse the pages of Lawyers Weekly to find seminars and courses transforming divorce litigators into mediators almost overnight. It is incredulous that someone trained as a litigator can undergo a two-day metamorphosis and suddenly become a mediator. At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution (CMDR) we have been mediating exclusively for more than 24 years.
Being a mediator is a challenging role requiring a unique skill set and knowledge base. Unlike attorneys whose mandate is not only to advocate for their client, but also to get him or her the best deal possible, mediators are neutrals committed to facilitating. Throughout the mediation process couples are empowered with negotiation and problem-solving skills. At CMDR, our mediators teach couples how to put their anger and emotions on hold while trying to problem solve the issues at hand. When anger and hurt escalate, it is a mediator’s job to resolve disputes and find common ground.

How do couples benefit from a mediation company that only mediates versus a firm that does both mediation and litigation? First and foremost, our mediators are dedicated to the success of the mediation process. Choosing mediation at CMDR, means that couples leave with a fair and equitable agreement, and they learn how to interact in a mutually beneficial way. Our clients are directly involved in the outcome of their agreement; and there is no agreement until there is a whole agreement. With mediation, conflicts are resolved face-to-face. Information is not a second-hand translation passed from attorney to attorney. However, if there are times when this becomes too painful or too difficult, our mediators meet with individuals separately.

At CMDR, we provide couples with the tools they need to communicate effectively both now and in the future. Our mediators have the benefit of hundreds of mediations and can offer creative solutions in every facet of the separation process from dividing assets to resolving liabilities, from child support and custody, to inheritance and retirement funds. Clients leave mediation at CMDR with a complete and thorough agreement that will last a lifetime.

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