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I want to sell the house. My brother says mom wanted him to stay there. Are we reduced to going to court?

The death of a family member often gives rise to conflicts within the family.

Disputes over wills, distribution and management of assets, and division of property, endangers the family’s ability to function as a unit now and in the future. Old family dynamics continue to play out. All of this is complicated by the clashing of personal wishes, grief, and anger. The balance keeping relationships together must be realigned.

At CMDR, mediation can provide a forum for airing differences without destroying relationships.

At the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution trained mediators are highly skilled at resolving disputes involving estates and trusts, family estate planning, and probate issues without litigation. With the help of our experienced mediators, parties discover the potential for reaching resolution while enhancing the likelihood of maintaining long-term relationships. Mediation facilitates communication and each party’s understanding of the interests at stake. This leads to better solutions and stronger relationships. At the same time, specialized professionals providing services to the parties, such as legal, accounting, and therapeutic counseling, can be more effective.

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