About CMDR - Testimonials

Lynne Halem's understanding of complex legal and tax issues, combined with extraordinary sensitivity, allow to help adversaries produce lasting agreements which are fair and practical.

"What I thought about during mediation was how the kids can and would be affected. Coming from a divorced family myself, I understood what was going through the kids' minds, and I knew what I didn't want for my children. It's all about give and take with a resolution at the end of the process. Thanks again to everyone at CMDR for your kindness and professionalism during this difficult process."

"I was petrified that I would be destitute. He earned and controlled all the money. I had foolishly allowed myself to remain ignorant. Thanks to CMDR, the end result of mediation left me well protected. My fears and wishes were dealt with as were my husband's. I am grateful for a new beginning and feel more financially confident thanks to the knowledge and skills I gained in mediation."

...Division of Property
"People had warned me against mediation. They spoke of the extent of the estate, that my husband was financially adept and an expert negotiator. Yet, I ended up with an agreement that far surpassed even my fancy lawyer's predictions. In the end, my husband truly cared about my well-being and that of the children. The mediator's expertise in all financial areas made me feel protected and made my husband reassured that we would not be misled. I would recommend CMDR to anyone."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all of your expertise, caring, and patience. I entered mediation without any understanding of our finances. It's amazing what I've learned and how adept I've become at managing my own money. I can't imagine going through this difficult process in any other way."

...Thoroughness of Agreement
"We went before the judge yesterday who said she sees hundreds of agreements and ours was the clearest, most comprehensive, extraordinarily fair, logically presented contract she has read. Many thanks for your patience, intelligence, and understanding."

...Post Divorce
"Again, I was thrilled with our progress yesterday which I attribute to using mediation instead of litigation. We made more progress in two hours of mediation than after six years and six figures wasted on litigation."

...Nontraditional Relationships
"You're worth every penny! We are most grateful to you for creating an arena within which we could learn to talk with each other about touchy issues. Rancor dissipated into practicalities. We are continuing to parent our son and work out our parenting plans, with the style and knowledge you taught us."

...Mediation vs. Litigation
"Restraining orders, court hearings, and the like were draining our pocketbooks and our energy. You are a miracle worker. We have an agreement that is fair to both of us and, best of all, we are friends again. Who would have thought?"

...Business Mediation
"Through our long partnership of 24 years, we never learned to hear each other's ideas or to solve problems together. Mediation taught us the art of problem-solving and enabled us to stay in business together. Here's to 20 more years."

"I wanted to sell the family business. Whoever said success makes for happiness? My children were fighting. My wife blamed me. Without mediation there would have been no business and maybe even no family. I'm grateful for the guidance and problem-solving techniques we learned at CMDR. We're doing business as a family again."

"I have been an attorney for seventeen years and a large percentage of my practice involves representing clients in family matters. Recently, I have reviewed a number of mediated agreements. The agreement you drafted was the most comprehensive and impressive agreement I have read to date."

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